Setup & customize shipping product

Setup and customize your store shipping product step by step guide.

If you're a merchant that requires assistant with app installation, please reach out to our support team, they'll get back to you shortly.

The following guide will include:

  1. Create shipping product for your store.
  2. Setup shipping protection for your store.
  3. Customize shipping product.

1. Create shipping product

In Tblue shipping protection app head to Configuration page.

Config page image

Then click Create Shipping Product button.

Config page image

This will create the initial product for your store to get it going.

2. Setup shipping protection to your store

In your theme customizer click Customize > App embeds > Tblue shipping protection

  1. Enable Tblue shipping protection.
  2. Select the Tblue shipping product created in first step.
Config page image

After doing you've enabled app and selected the shipping product your store should be all good to go.

3. Customize shipping product

Below you'll learn more about shipping product and how you can modify it with minor things to consider in mind.

Note: While modifying shipping product, always keep the first variant as static as the app always uses the first variant for static pricing to charge customers. if your store charges customer based on their cart value then follow along to learn more.

Now we'll create another range varaint that will charge customer based on their cart value within $121 - $140.

Important: your variants needs to have a SKU that must contains TBLUEPROTECTION

You can always change the variants to match your business needs.