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Some of frequently asked questions!

What are the benifits of Tblue app?
Tblue app offers a unique solution for merchants looking to enhance their customers' shopping experience and increase their sales revenue. Merchants can offer shipping protection for their orders and increasing customer loyalty. Tblue is easy to use and provides an additional source of revenue for merchants, making it a valuable addition to any online business. By choosing Tblue, merchants can show their customers that they value their satisfaction and are dedicated to providing a positive shopping experience.
How claims are managed?
Tblue comes with claims form out of the box, merchants can redirect their customers to the claim page and handle the rest of claims from Tblue app dashboard, Tblue's user-friendly interface allows merchants to quickly and easily resolve any claims or delete one from their store.
How are customers being charged?
With Tblue app customers are either charged a fixed price which is set by merchants, or in a range price which is also set and customized by merchants, merchants can adjust and change pricing to meet their needs.